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Agustinos Estate Pinot Gris

Located in a privileged spot in the Biobío Valley in southern Chile, with an abundance of

volcanoes and rivers that flow through its vineyards, Viña Agustinos winery was conceived

to produce wines of the highest quality in a context of total sustainability.

The winemaker, Diego Zabala, strives to showcase the elegance and character of the wines

produced in this unique terroir. He ensures that the health of the fruit is impeccable

by harvesting only at optimal maturity from areas where the soils are of rich diversity to

deliver wines, which are young, well balanced and full of fresh fruit.

A delicious example of this popular grape variety (more commonly seen as Pinot Grigio). Copper in colour, with aromas of wild flowers, fresh red apple and ripe quince fruit. The palate is fresh and balanced - a wonderful chilled aperitif or to enjoy with spiced dishes.


Bio Bio Valley

Pinot Gris


Spicy dishes such as Thai curries, Asian inspired salmon and chilli squid